IRA LLC Investments

Let IRA LLC Investments show you how to earn extraordinary returns in your IRA in an expedited manner in secured real estate transactions.  Sam Stinnett (owner of IRA LLC Investments) has earned double and triple digit returns his IRA in secured real estate transactions using a Self Directed IRA LLC.  He is knowledgeable in a wide range of financial matters and real estate investing.  Call him or email him to discuss your investing future.

Sam Stinnett

Owner and Investor




Mr. Stinnett has been involved with more than 2000 real estate transactions as an investor in the Metro Atlanta Area with transactional volume of well over $200mm.  This investing has included both origination and disposition of equity and debt investments in both residential and commercial properties.  Prior to investing in real estate, Mr. Stinnett owned his own SAP consulting firm servicing several Fortune 100 clients such as Disney, MCI, Halliburton, and Lucent Technologies.  Prior to SAP Consulting, Mr. Stinnett was a CPA with Ernst & Young.  Mr. Stinnett graduated from the University of Kentucky with a degree in Finance and Accounting.  Mr. Stinnett was the team captain of the University of Kentucky Men's Tennis Team that won the 1992 SEC Championship.


Real Estate Investing activities

  • Hard Money Loans
  • Wholesaling Commercial & Residential Properties
  • Tax Deed Investing

Sam Stinnett resides in Atlanta, GA with his 2 kids - Will and McKenna.  Mr. Stinnett is a licensed Real Estate Broker in NC and GA.

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